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Stay-cations to Save our Summer

Our summer so far… Once that final day of homeschool ended I cannot tell you how excited we all were, we finally get a break from routine.  Unfortunately, we were not sure if we would be able to have the yearly camping trip we do with my in-laws.  We decided to try to see what

Dame it!! We need a Date Night

I cannot believe it; we have all heard it many times especially us parents of toddlers and crawlers. The time when you’re in the trenches of parenthood trying to make it through each day with everyone having a heartbeat. “Don’t forget to have date nights!” “Date night is sooo important!” “Make time for just the

Attack of the Laundry Monster

OMG!  Why does it seem like the laundry pile never goes down?  Especially with 2 active girls and of course myself.  My husband always asks me why I have so much more clothes than he does at the end of the day?  Really? Well…being a full-time stay-at-home Mom I am lucky to get through my