I cannot believe it; we have all heard it many times especially us parents of toddlers and crawlers. The time when you’re in the trenches of parenthood trying to make it through each day with everyone having a heartbeat.

“Don’t forget to have date nights!”

“Date night is sooo important!”

“Make time for just the 2 of you.”

“You guys really need to make time for each other.”

“Make sure you get some alone time too.”


First of all, we can barley stay conscious after 8pm how exactly do we get ready to leave the house. Second large obstacle was we didn’t want to leave our babies and I was home all day, everyday. We just wanted to be with them all the time. Yes, were a little crazy that way.

We both had non-traditional childhoods and we are creating the childhood we would have loved and are enjoying it with our girls. It became even better when they communicate and we got to do all the things they enjoy to the fullest. We only have one life and we want to live as much of it as we can. Joie de Vie! Joy of Life!
Mind you this year changed all of that thinking… Our girls have just turned 4 and 2 years of age. They have amazing bonds with both sides of our families; each other and family always ready to babysit. We have just realized that the girls are both able to keep up to each other entertained, play wonderfully alone or together, and they can communicate to anyone their wants and needs. Most importantly, they can inform us of what they do in a few hours, or an entire day.

OMG! We can go back outside into the world and live AGAIN! We can be FREE of parenthood for hours at a time…. What the HELL are we waiting FOR?!

We started going out for date nights again. Wow, I cannot tell you the difference it makes getting out and spending time just the two of us. Even just for a long walk, bike ride or late-night park date. Just not having to pack the kitchen sink up to go on an outing is refreshing. Not being on watchdog mode or only having to keep myself alive for the day. The simple things in life are so much brighter and sweeter after the early years of child rearing. I love to refer to this stage as the trenches (ages 0-5). We have done our duty on the front lines and now its time to take a step forward, at a new age of parenthood with a bit more sanity instead of insanity…

My husband and I have been able to have quite a few date days & nights this warm season. We have been focusing more on each other, our girls and ourselves for the first time in 5 years. It has given us a whole new perspective on balancing our individual lives, marriage and family life.

Most important lesson of this lesson for us, we tend to put our children first all the time, 24/7 and historically it was you first then help others. Finding the right balance of them and us nurtures everyone’s soul and thus a happier family Tribe. Our children would not be here if we didn’t bring them here. So why are we not more of a priority?

“Don’t forget to have date nights!”, “Date night is sooo important!”, “Make time for just the 2 of you.”, “You guys really need to make time for each other.”, “Make sure you get some alone time too.”