How many times have you set goals for yourself or your family but never achieve them.  What went wrong?  Were you doing well but lacked motivation to see it through or was it just plain laziness?  Whatever the excuse or circumstances, the problem is with the goal setting itself.

If you’re not setting realistic goals there is no way you will reach them.  You need to be able to set a goal and timeframe in which to complete said goal.  You may have herd of S.M.A.R.T. goals but may not actually know what it is.  S.M.A.R.T. goals are one of the most effective methods for charting and attaining your goals.
So what does it really mean?







When writing your goals ask yourself if your goal is Specific.   What do you really want?  Once you have it written down, you need to know when you’ve reached that goal.  Having the correct form to measure your success will give you more motivation to keep going because your seeing results.  Attainable, is your goal within your power or someone else’s power.  To make a change or act on an opportunity it needs to be you who take the steps.  Is your goal relevant?  I may want to go to the moon, but that doesn’t make me an astronaut.   Your goals have to be time-bound.  If there is no deadline there is no pressure or motivation, you have to keep yourself accountable.

Setting a goal is difficult but by planning you’re setting yourself up for success instead of failure.  Creating S.M.A.R.T.  Goals give you a clear path and steps to accomplishing them.  If you are stuck on what step to take next, work backwards from the end game and give yourself a different perspective.

Life is all about goals, the difference with achieving them or not, comes down to how you are setting those goals.